Isn't God everywhere?

When people say these types of things like "God is everywhere" although it's true, it seems more like a good excuse not to go to church when actually it's a terrible one!

Why? Because we weren't meant to do life alone! Coming together as a community of believers is very serious and necessary for our own growth in God. Jesus points this out in Matt. 18:20 and we see this with the unity of the new church as a great example in Acts 2. This is also emphasized in Hebrews 10:25. Besides, there's nothing like corporate worship where believers come together and worship God openly and publicly. Imagine Moses saying this very same thing "God is everywhere so why do I still have to climb this mountain every time I want to speak to him?", Moses would have been factual but would have missed out, why because God was more present in a certain place and so that's why he climbed the mountain every time. Imagine the woman with the issue of blood saying this "well if Jesus is God and God is everywhere there's no need for me to go out in public and fight the crowds just to touch Jesus so he can heal me from a disease I've had for over 12 years" she would have remained sick! Again it's true God is everywhere and you can access him anywhere, I have personally experienced God's presence in my truck driving, at my house, at my office, shoot even on Zooms, and more, but I also need to be around other fellow believers because iron sharpens iron and there are times other believers encourage me and there are times I encourage them, these are one of many many reasons why we need to go to church.

Someone might get all technical and say "I thought we are the church? and if we are the church, why do we need to go to church, can't we have church anywhere?"

Yes, we are the body of Christ and as believers, we are the church, and yes you can have church wherever you are at any time but make sure the word of God is taught and preached, where an opportunity to worship is available, and where the presence of God is evident as a group!

Someone might say well you are just saying this because you want more people to attend your church!

You are 1000% right I do, I want more people to attend my church not because I want to break attendance records or collect more offering but because I want to see more people come to Jesus, to see their lives transformed, their families set free, and more communities on fire for God and this happens when people go to churches that make these things a top priority which is the purpose of my church.

If you don't like the church you attend, then pray and ask the Lord to release you and then find a good bible preaching church, and go every chance you get, and not just whenever you want.

My prayer is that more people would understand how important it is to be around other believers seeking God in corporate worship, learning God's word together, and the huge difference it makes in our walk with God.

After all, Who are we to think we can walk this walk without other believers in unity and community together but rather alone?

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