Mary and I are so glad you stopped by our website. Just so you know a little more about us we have 4 children Natalie, Mackenzie, Ayden & Destiny, and Plant City is where we call home. It was not long ago we started with less than nothing but God blessed us big time. He allowed us the great opportunity to build a very successful business right here in the great state of Florida which we love still this day.


Through our journey, we have realized that although we love our occupancy and business our calling is forever burning in our hearts and is something we could no longer run from.


In doing so we have launched a modern-day church called No Limits Church which is a perfect church for people who are not. No Limits Church uses several creative avenues to reach people while still establishing ourselves through the foundation of the gospels and God's truth through his word.

We are currently building our core team and are looking for those who too feel the calling of God on your life.

If that's you, let's connect.

Even if you don't feel a specific call

of God on your life, that's ok because we have a place for you in our

family as well, so we too should connect.

Feel free to reach

out via text by texting

NOLIMITS to 484848

We look forward to meeting

all of you!



You're Not Alone!

Frank & Mary


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